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Dalby Saleyard Market Report: An Overview of the January 10, 2024 Cattle Auction

Average prices of different cattle categories Dalby Sale Jan 10 2024

In the first auction of the year, Dalby Saleyard hosted a relatively modest cattle market, with a total of 1,151 cattle, a notable decrease from the previous sale (-3403 from prior yarding). The cattle hailed predominantly from local and usual supply areas, supplemented by a smaller number from far Western Queensland and New South Wales.

Prices saw a noticeable improvement, buoyed by recent rains over the holiday season. Increases ranged from 20c to 30c/kg, with some categories witnessing even greater hikes. This uptick was reflected across various cattle types and weights.

Restocking efforts saw light weight yearling steers reach a peak price of 448c, with an average of 384c/kg. Yearling steers under 330kg, returning to the paddock, fetched up to 390c, averaging similarly. Domestic market-bound yearling steers averaged 348c, peaking at 356c/kg. Heavier yearling steers designated for feeding averaged 334c, with a top price of 350c/kg.

Yearling heifers showed varied performance. Light weight ones returning to paddocks averaged at 295c, peaking at 338c/kg. Medium weight heifers for feeding ranged between 298c to 310c, reaching up to 316c/kg. The heavy weight heifers averaged 279c, with a high of 292c/kg.

The cow market also performed well. Medium and heavy weight 3 score cows averaged 224c, with heavy weights reaching up to 235c/kg. The best performing were the good heavy cows, averaging 238c and peaking at 240c/kg. Heavy weight bulls topped the chart at 296c/kg.

A fair panel of buyers was present, though not all regular operators had resumed their activities post-holiday season. Overall, the market sentiment at Dalby Saleyard was positive, reflecting the benefits of recent rains and a healthy demand for cattle.