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Dalby Cattle Sale 15 Nov 2023

Australian Cattle behind a fence

In a continuation of the recent trend, the Dalby cattle market experienced a significant increase in the number of cattle presented for sale. This week’s count saw an increase of 1,147 head, bringing the total to 3,810. Notably, the attendance of export buyers decreased compared to the previous week, but the presence of regular feed, trade operators, and restockers remained robust and active.

In terms of pricing trends, there was a notable rise in the value of certain categories of cattle. Light-weight yearling steers destined for paddock return experienced a substantial increase of 50p/kg, building on the previous week’s gains. Additionally, both medium and heavy-weight yearling steers intended for feeding purposes saw an average price increase ranging from 20p to 30p/kg. Similarly, yearling heifers, both returning to paddock and for feed, observed an average price elevation of 20p to 36p/kg. However, cows struggled to sustain the improved price levels noted in the previous week.

A detailed breakdown of the sales is as follows:

  • Light-weight yearling steers for restockers ranged up to 360p, with an average of 325p/kg.
  • Domestic market yearling steers for feeding averaged between 271p and 303p, reaching highs of 320p/kg.
  • Heavy-weight yearling steers for feeding peaked at 267p, with a significant portion selling at 248p/kg.
  • Light-weight yearling heifers returning to paddock achieved up to 278p in isolated instances, with a majority selling around 230p/kg.
  • Medium-weight yearling heifers for feeding averaged between 234p and 243p, with sales up to 274p/kg.
  • Heavy-weight yearling heifers for feeding averaged at 232p, reaching a maximum of 254p/kg.

In other categories, a limited number of bullocks reached up to 241p, while heavy grown heifers peaked at 237p/kg. Medium-weight 2 score cows averaged 145p, with a high of 154p/kg. Heavy-weight 3 score cows averaged 181p, with top-quality heavy-weight cows reaching up to 208p, averaging at 198p/kg. Lastly, heavy-weight bulls were sold for as much as 249p/kg.

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the cattle market trends at Dalby, reflecting both the increases in certain categories and the challenges in maintaining price levels in others.