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Dalby Cattle Sale 13 Dec 2023

Australian cattle in a grassy field

In the final cattle sale of 2023 at Dalby Saleyard, there was a noticeable reduction in the supply of stock. The total yarding for this sale was reported at 4,554 head, which is a decrease of approximately 3,099 from the previous sale. This reduction in numbers was apparent despite the cattle being sourced from a diverse range of areas including South Australia, New South Wales, Western Queensland, and the regular supply regions.

Despite the presence of all the usual buyers, not every processor was active in the market. This inactivity has been attributed to the market’s inability to sustain the rates seen in the previous week, indicating a shift in market dynamics as the year comes to a close.

In terms of specific categories, yearling steers in the 200-280kg range, intended for return to the paddock, maintained steady prices, selling up to 421c and averaging 351c/kg. Larger yearling steers, over 280kg, aimed for backgrounding, fetched 393c, averaging at 356c, while those for feeding purposes were priced at an average of 346c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers for backgrounding achieved 368c, averaging 333c, and for feeding, they averaged 336c/kg. Heavy yearling steers destined for feeding sold for 318c, with an average of 306c/kg.

The market for yearling heifers was equally varied. Lighter heifers in the 200-280kg range, aimed at restockers, reached 312c, averaging 255c/kg. A specific line of yearling heifers with a high processor content sold for an average of 215c, reaching up to 236c/kg. For heavier yearling heifers over 280kg, those for backgrounding topped at 314c/kg, and for domestic feeding, the prices were 299c on average, peaking at 265c/kg. The heaviest category for feeding averaged 301c and sold up to 316c/kg.

In the grown steers category, those over 500kg for feeding purposes sold for up to 317c, averaging 310c/kg. A small number of grown steers over 600kg destined for processors were priced at 260c/kg. Grown heifers processed averaged 255c, selling up to 285c, with those for feeding peaking at 298c and averaging 267c/kg.

Cows in the lighter weight category aimed at restockers fetched 188c, averaging 156c/kg, with those for processors ranging from 158c to 195c/kg. Score 2 heavy cows for processors sold up to 191c, averaging 174c/kg. The score 3 cows reached 224c, with an average of 200c/kg. Light weight bulls for restockers made 306c, averaging 291c/kg, and heavy bulls sold for up to 248c/kg.

This report concludes the cattle trading activities at Dalby Saleyard for 2023, highlighting the trends and prices in various cattle categories, and provides a comprehensive overview of the market as the year draws to a close.