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Cattle Australia Hails New Biosecurity Oversight Initiative


  • Cattle Australia applauds the Federal Government’s initiative to form a Sustainable Biosecurity Funding Advisory Panel, enhancing transparency for farmers.
  • The panel aims to ensure the Sustainable Biosecurity Funding model benefits grass-fed cattle producers and strengthens Australia’s biosecurity system.
  • Cattle Australia emphasises the need for continued advocacy for fair biosecurity funding and the critical role of grass-fed cattle producers in maintaining Australia’s biosecurity standards.

Cattle Australia (CA) has expressed strong support for the Federal Government’s recent initiative to establish a Sustainable Biosecurity Funding Advisory Panel, aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in biosecurity funding for farmers.

Dr Chris Parker, CA’s Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the importance of the panel’s terms of reference and Cattle Australia’s involvement in ensuring the new biosecurity funding model serves the interests of grass-fed cattle producers and enhances the nation’s biosecurity measures.

Dr Parker critiqued the Biosecurity Protection Levy (BPL) introduced in the previous Federal Budget for its lack of industry consultation and the perceived inequalities it introduced. He welcomed the government’s response, which now allows grass-fed cattle producers, through CA, to directly influence biosecurity priorities and monitor the financial performance of the Department’s biosecurity system.

This development comes at a crucial time as biosecurity challenges grow in complexity. Dr Parker views this as an opportunity for meaningful engagement with the government to improve the biosecurity system, especially in addressing threats from Australia’s northern regions.

CA’s advocacy has been pivotal in creating a mechanism for real-time consultation, significantly enhancing the influence of grass-fed cattle producers within the biosecurity framework. Dr Parker emphasised that this is just the beginning, with CA committed to ensuring better oversight of BPL funds and all biosecurity expenditures.

CA supports increased biosecurity resourcing and advocates for a detailed analysis to identify the beneficiaries and creators of biosecurity risks, aiming for a more equitable biosecurity funding model. Dr Parker stressed the importance of fair and transparent funding mechanisms to uphold Australia’s leading biosecurity standards, noting the significant investments already made by grass-fed cattle producers in biosecurity practices.

The organisation continues to call for increased funding and protections to improve the system’s fairness and effectiveness, with a focus on accountability and shared responsibility. Dr Parker looks forward to collaborating with the government to refine the funding model, ensuring it provides enhanced support for Australia’s biosecurity system and benefits the agricultural industry in the long term.