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Beef Market’s December 2023 Review: Prices Show Consistent Growth

Beef Prices in December

The beef market in Great Britain experienced a notable upward trend in cattle prices during December 2023. The month started with the all-prime average cattle price at 480.4p/kg. This figure steadily increased over the weeks, culminating at 489.0p/kg by the year’s end. This closing price mirrors the levels seen earlier in the year, around April and May.

Cow Price Trends

Initially, cow prices in December stood at an average of 294.2p/kg. A slight decrease was observed in the second week, with a marginal drop of 0.5p. However, the trend reversed in the latter half of the month, leading to an increase in prices. By the end of December, the average price for cows had escalated to 307.8p/kg.