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Australian Slaughter Report Week Ending 1st Dec 2023

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In the latest weekly data ending on the 1st of December, 2023, the National Livestock Reporting Service has provided an update on cattle slaughter figures across Australia. The total count of cattle processed stood at 123,950 for the week, showing a decrease of 4,504 head from the previous week, which signifies a 16.65% year-over-year increase with an addition of 17,692 head.

The state-wise data reflects varied trends. New South Wales (NSW) reported 33,513 cattle, with a slight decline from the previous week but a substantial 25.08% increase compared to the same period last year. Queensland (QLD) leads in numbers with 61,820 cattle, albeit experiencing a week-on-week drop. South Australia (SA) recorded the highest percentage increase year-on-year at 44.92%, albeit with a smaller total count of 4,104.

The cumulative data for the year paints a robust picture with a total of 5,515,105 cattle slaughtered, indicating a steady demand in the meat industry. The state breakdown shows QLD at the forefront, contributing to nearly half of the total slaughters, followed by NSW.

The gender distribution of the slaughtered cattle leaned towards males, totalling 71,416, while females accounted for 52,534 or 42.38% of the total. The report also includes a three-year comparative graph, which exhibits the trends and fluctuations over a broader time frame, providing a comprehensive outlook on the cattle industry’s dynamics.

In summary, the National Slaughter Report offers critical insights into the meat industry’s status, reflecting both the consistency in demand and the fluctuating supply dynamics that vary from state to state. Such data is essential for industry stakeholders to inform their decision-making processes.