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Australian Red Meat Exports at a Four-Year High

View of a half cow chunks fresh hung and arranged in a row in a large fridge in the fridge meat factory.

October saw Australia’s red meat exports climb to 177,665 tonnes, a 5% increase from September and a 39% jump from the same time last year, hitting the highest monthly figure since 2019.

Beef Exports Climb

Beef exports have risen, up 7% from September and 44% from last year, reaching 105,131 tonnes. This is the highest since 2019.

North America has become the top market for Australian beef, with exports up 118% from last year to 31,577 tonnes. This is a big change from 2022 when the US was the fourth-largest market. Exports to China also rose by 37% to 19,675 tonnes.

Australia might go over the trade agreement limit with China, which could mean extra tariffs.

Japan also saw more Australian beef, up 5% from last year to 16,563 tonnes in October.

Sheepmeat Exports Set Records

Lamb exports were slightly down 3% from September but up 17% from last year to 30,604 tonnes. Mutton exports went up 23% from September and 51% from last year to 20,197 tonnes.

Together, sheepmeat exports reached a record 50,801 tonnes.

North America is the biggest buyer of Australian lamb, even with a 20% drop in exports to the USA. But exports to Canada went up by 46%. China’s lamb imports from Australia grew by 14%.

For mutton, China’s imports were up 57% in October. The MENA region’s imports jumped by 166%, with Saudi Arabia alone up by 255%.

Looking Ahead

The strong export numbers and market spread look good for Australia. Beef, mutton, and goat exports have already beaten last year’s totals, and lamb exports could hit a record by the end of 2023.