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Australian Cattle Producers Brace for a Challenging Summer

Australian cattle producers are gearing up for a demanding summer, influenced by the simultaneous occurrence of an El Niño declaration and a positive Indian Ocean Dipole weather event. 

Adam Coffey, the Interim CEO of Cattle Australia, highlighted that these conditions indicate a warmer spring and summer with potentially decreased rainfall across Australia.

Producers in the southern regions are advised to enhance their usual protective measures, such as managing fuel loads and ensuring the presence of adequate fire breaks. Given the anticipated drier conditions, increased fodder and supplement needs are expected, coupled with a probable decline in availability.

Although the Bureau’s current forecast extends to autumn 2024, it’s crucial to note that most El Niño events typically last around nine months. Despite the challenges, Australian beef cattle producers have historically shown resilience during dry periods. 

At the state and federal levels, numerous resources are available to aid in drought preparedness. Cattle Australia encourages producers to explore these resources and contact local drought hubs for guidance.

In challenging times, the importance of community support cannot be overstated. Several initiatives, such as the Federal Government’s drought resilience programmes and state-led initiatives, are available for producers. The Rural Minds Workshops also offer insights into maintaining mental well-being during trying times.