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AMPC Report Highlights Role of Workplace Culture in Achieving Sustainability Goals

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The latest report by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) underscores the significance of a collaborative workplace culture in enhancing water and energy efficiency within the industry.

The ‘Energy, Water and Emissions Benchmarking and Efficiency Culture Change’ report reveals that meat processing plants with effective communication across all team levels see better environmental performance outcomes.

The AMPC offers a benchmarking and improvement workshop program to processors who participate in the biennial environmental performance reporting. Participants engage in a one-day workshop with Energetics, where they receive a performance dashboard based on their data and identify areas for improvement.

Matthew Deegan, AMPC Program Manager, explains that the project evaluated management systems to determine their influence on in-plant energy and water efficiency practices.

The findings indicate a clear correlation between strong management systems and superior environmental performance. Deegan emphasises the importance of setting team-specific targets and ensuring that every individual understands their responsibilities in meeting these objectives.

The study also notes that despite lower production throughput in the past two years, water intensity levels have remained stable, which Deegan finds encouraging.

However, there is an identified need for improvement in energy intensity, which has increased, possibly due to the production of more value-added products and retail packaging.

Deegan remarks that processors recognise the benefits of the benchmarking process, with 30 member businesses, accounting for 60% of national throughput, participating in the program. The growing interest among members is attributed to the opportunity for tailored analysis and idea testing for their specific plants.

Set of Facts:

  • AMPC’s report links effective workplace communication to better environmental performance.
  • A workshop program is available for processors participating in environmental reporting.
  • The program includes a one-day workshop with Energetics for performance analysis.
  • Strong management systems correlate with better energy and water efficiency.
  • Water intensity has remained stable despite lower production throughput.
  • Energy intensity has increased, potentially due to more value-added production.
  • The benchmarking program has seen participation from businesses representing 60% of national throughput.