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Alliance Pure South’s Grass-Fed Steak Wins Top Honours at World Steak Challenge

Two grilled marbled beef steaks striploin with spices isolated on white background, top view with copy space.

Alliance Pure South’s grass-fed steak and ribeye have been crowned the best in the world at the prestigious World Steak Challenge held in London. This recognition comes after the product triumphed over global entries, showcasing New Zealand’s excellence in beef production.

Shane Kingston, the General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Alliance Group, expressed pride in this achievement, attributing it to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and the hard work of farmers. “This award is a globally credible and recognized accolade, which is always the strongest endorsement of a product,” Kingston stated.

He emphasised that winning gold at the World Steak Challenge, where multiple medals are awarded in each category, was an honour. However, being judged the best among all ribeye and grass-fed steak gold medal winners globally is an outstanding accomplishment.

Kingston described the award as the pinnacle of the cooperative’s achievements, reflecting the high standards maintained at every level – from farmers to the company’s processes.

The Pure South Handpicked programme, developed to deliver superior eating quality, ensures that only the finest meat, assessed against stringent criteria, makes the grade.

The award-winning ribeye is noted for its unprecedented levels of tenderness and a milder beef flavour profile. The steak’s robust, zesty, buttery, and creamy flavour, enhanced by the caramelisation of marbling, contributes to its deeply satisfying savoury taste.

Pure South Handpicked is a range of aged craft meat, sourced from free-range pastures in New Zealand. The selection process involves internationally accredited assessors who grade the meat based on marbling score, fat colour, fat cover, meat colour, and pH.

The meat is then aged in a vacuum bag for up to 55 days, allowing natural processes to enhance tenderness and develop exquisite flavours. The beef is sourced from prime cattle of any breed, with the winning ribeye selected at the cooperative’s Pukeuri plant in Oamaru.

This accolade not only celebrates Alliance Pure South’s commitment to quality but also places New Zealand beef at the forefront of global recognition in the industry.