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Alliance Group’s Pure South Products Shine with Gold at NZ Food Awards


  • Alliance Group’s Pure South line clinches four golds at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards.
  • The awards spotlight excellence in New Zealand’s food and drink sector, focusing on taste, quality, and eco-friendliness.
  • Alliance’s dedication to top-tier quality and environmental sustainability is underscored by these accolades, along with international recognition for their beef.

At the recent Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards, the Alliance Group’s Pure South range stood out by securing four gold medals. The awarded products include the Pure South Handpicked 55-Day Aged Beef ribeye, the whole beef ribeye, the venison five rib rack, and the French lamb rack, marking a triumph for each entry submitted by the cooperative.

The awards aim to honour the best in New Zealand’s food and drink production, with judging criteria encompassing scent, look, taste, texture, overall quality, eco-friendliness, branding, and packaging.

Willie Wiese, Alliance Group’s Chief Executive, stated that the accolades reflect the cooperative’s farmer members’ commitment to excellence and Alliance’s strategy to cultivate a premium range of products. For over six years, Alliance has broadened its offerings to satisfy the stringent requirements of international consumers, receiving worldwide praise for its beef, lamb, and venison.

Judges commended the Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef ribeye for its superior caramelisation, rich flavour, and enjoyable texture, credited to its excellent marbling and fat content. The Pure South Beef Whole Ribeye was admired for its buttery tenderness and flavourful fat, while the Pure South Venison five-rib rack was celebrated for its softness.

The Pure South French lamb rack received praise for its tenderness, delightful lamb scent, optimal meat-to-fat balance, and pure taste.

Following these national awards, the Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef ribeye had previously garnered global accolades, being named the top grass-fed steak and the premier ribeye at the World Steak Challenge, further affirming the Alliance’s global prestige.

The Alliance Group’s achievements at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards and internationally underscore the cooperative’s commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable, and innovative agricultural products.

These accomplishments not only highlight New Zealand’s agricultural excellence but also establish a standard for quality and sustainability in the international arena.