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Woodstock City Council Evaluates Proposal for New Poultry Processing Plant

Woodstock, Ontario, is currently evaluating a plan for a potential poultry processing facility. The city council is set to further discuss this proposal on January 18.

The plan, presented by High Noon Investment Corp., involves building a processing plant covering 113,000 square feet on a 14-acre site. This facility’s primary functions would be processing, packaging, and shipping poultry products.

An established Canadian poultry processor, choosing to remain anonymous at this stage for competitive reasons, is behind this initiative. The company plans to reveal its identity as the project nears the construction phase.

Once operational, the facility is anticipated to provide around 300 jobs in the Woodstock region.

The proposed land purchase is valued at C$6.7 million, with an agreement allowing 36 months after purchase for the completion of construction.

Moving forward with this project requires changes to the city’s official plan and zoning laws, particularly to permit a slaughterhouse within the city. This need for change is attributed to the evolution of poultry processing practices. In Ontario, modern poultry processing plants are subject to regulation by various bodies, including the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), the Ontario Ministry of Environment, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Should the city council approve the necessary amendments to the bylaws, the land transaction is expected to be finalised by July 2024.