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USDA Welcomes New Members to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board

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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the appointment of new members to the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, a key move in bolstering the beef industry’s promotional and research efforts.

Details of the Appointments

In total, 26 individuals have been appointed to the board. Of these, 25 will serve three-year terms, while one member has been appointed for a single-year term. This announcement was made in a recent USDA release.

List of New Board Members

The newly appointed members represent a diverse range of states and regions, reflecting the widespread nature of the beef industry in the United States. The appointees are:

  • From Arkansas: Caleb Plyler, Hope, Ark.
  • From Colorado: Sallie R. Miller, Briggsdale, Colo.
  • From Florida: Sarah K. Childs, Lake Placid, Fla.
  • From Idaho: Tucker Shaw, Caldwell, Idaho and Gwenna R. Prescott, Carey, Idaho
  • From Kansas: Marisa Kleysteuber, Garden City, Kan., and Jacquelyne Renae Leffler, Americus, Kan.
  • From Kentucky: Andy Bishop, Cox’s Creek, Ky.
  • From Missouri: Kalena Bruce, Stockton, Mo.
  • From Montana: Verna J. Billedeaux, Browning, Mont.
  • From Nebraska: Gina M. Hudson, Belvidere, Neb.; Bree A. DeNaeyer, Seneca, Neb.; and Don V. Cain, Jr., D.V.M., M.S., Broken Bow, Neb.
  • From North Dakota: Jason Schmidt, Medina, N.D.
  • From Oklahoma: Cheryl DeVuyst, Morrison, Okla. and Gaye Pfeiffer, Mulhall, Okla.
  • From South Dakota: David O. Uhrig, Hermosa, S.D.
  • From Texas: JoJo Carrales, Flatonia, Texas; J. Ryan Moorhouse, Amarillo, Texas; Mark Sustaire, Winnsboro, Texas; and Pat McDowell, Wheeler, Texas
  • From the Southwest Unit: Melissa Daniels, Nicasio, Calif.
  • From the Importer Unit: Doug McNicholl, Washington, DC; Kimberly A. D’Anella, Wenonah, N.J.; Andrew Banchi, Trevor, Wis.; and Matthew Alan, Washington, DC (1-year term)

Role and Significance of the Board

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board, consisting of 99 members, was established under the Beef Promotion and Research Act of 1985. The board plays a crucial role in pooling resources and combining efforts across the agricultural industry. Its primary focus is on developing new markets, strengthening existing ones, and conducting vital research and promotional activities.

Board members are required to be either beef producers or importers of beef and beef products, nominated by certified producer organisations. This ensures that the board is represented by individuals with direct experience and expertise in the industry.

The appointment of these new members marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to enhance the beef industry’s market presence and research initiatives.