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USDA and USAID Launch $1 Billion Food Aid Initiative

TL;DR: USDA and USAID announce a $1 billion initiative to distribute US-grown food globally for emergency aid.

Emergency Assistance Plan

The USDA, together with the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has announced a significant initiative. They will use $1 billion from the Commodity Credit Corporation to buy US-grown food for global emergency assistance.

Supporting Global Needs

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack emphasised the role of American farmers. “They supply safe and nutritious food not just domestically, but globally,” he stated. “With millions in need worldwide, the US agriculture sector can provide vital food assistance.”

Strategic Efforts

In October 2023, the agencies expressed their commitment to fight global hunger. They plan to buy American commodities and collaborate with USAID to distribute them.

Role of American Farmers

“American farmers are key to this effort,” USAID Administrator Samantha Power noted. They will help send surplus food to communities facing severe hunger across the world.

Project Details

The project will allocate $950 million to buy agricultural products that fit USAID’s international food assistance programs. USAID will ensure these resources reach those in need without disrupting local markets. Eighteen countries will benefit from the first round of aid.

Expanding Assistance

An additional pilot project will use up to $50 million to test the distribution of other US commodities. These are shelf-stable and can help feed those without secure food sources.