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USA Cattle on Feed Report Dec 22 2023

Cattle on Feed report USDA Dec 22 2023

The USDA Cattle on Feed report, released on December 22, 2023, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), offers crucial insights into the U.S. cattle industry. The report details cattle and calves on feed for the slaughter market in the United States for feedlots with a capacity of 1,000 or more heads.

As of December 1, 2023, the total cattle on feed amounted to 12.0 million head, marking a 3% increase compared to December 1, 2022​​. The report further breaks down the data to reveal trends in placements, marketings, and other factors influencing the cattle industry.

In November 2023, placements in feedlots totalled 1.87 million head, a decrease of 2% from 2022. Net placements stood at 1.81 million head. The report details the weight categories of these placements, providing a comprehensive view of the composition of cattle entering feedlots. For instance, during November, placements included 535,000 head of cattle weighing less than 600 pounds, 440,000 head weighing 600-699 pounds, 380,000 head weighing 700-799 pounds, 288,000 head weighing 800-899 pounds, 140,000 head weighing 900-999 pounds, and 85,000 head weighing 1,000 pounds and greater​​.

Marketings of fed cattle in November 2023 amounted to 1.75 million head, reflecting a 7% decrease from the previous year. Other disappearances, including death loss, movement from feedlots to pastures, and shipments to other feedlots for further feeding, totalled 54,000 head in November, which was 5% lower than in 2022​​.

The report also provides state-wise data for the United States, showcasing variations in cattle on feed across different states. This data provides valuable insights into regional trends within the national cattle industry​​.

Moreover, the report includes detailed state-wise and nationwide data on cattle placements by weight group. This information is crucial for understanding the future supply of cattle based on the weight categories of cattle placed on feed​​.

Marketings of cattle from feedlots are also detailed state-wise and nationwide. These figures are essential for gauging the outflow of cattle from feedlots and their impact on the market​​.

Finally, the report presents data on other disappearances from feedlots, providing a complete picture of the dynamics within the cattle industry across the United States​​.

In summary, the USDA Cattle on Feed report for December 2023 highlights a 3% increase in cattle on feed compared to the previous year, with variations in placements, marketings, and other disappearances indicating shifts in the cattle industry’s supply dynamics.

To view the raw report please follow this link to the USDA for the Cattle on Feed Report.