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US States Tackle Cultivated Meat Industry Regulations

In the United States, state legislators are addressing the burgeoning cultivated meat industry with varying approaches. Arizona’s House Bill 2121, currently under consideration, seeks to ban the sale and production of cultivated meat, citing public health and protection of the cattle industry as key reasons.

Florida is also contemplating a ban on cultivated meat manufacturing, sale, and distribution, reflecting the state’s commitment to its traditional farming and cattle sectors.

Texas has taken a different route, focusing on labelling requirements for cultivated and plant-based meat products. The state mandates clear labelling to distinguish these products from traditional meat.

Meanwhile, the cultivated meat industry is gaining momentum, with recent regulatory approvals and significant investments in companies like Meatable and Clever Carnivore.

California is fostering the growth of alternative proteins, with the University of California, Davis set to open a centre dedicated to the development of these products, including cultivated meat.

Despite FDA approval for cultivated chicken, industry experts predict that affordable and widespread availability of these products could take up to 15 years. This scenario underscores the diverse legislative responses to the cultivated meat industry across the US.