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US Meat Exports to China Get a Welcome Boost

Production of meat products in the supermarket in the supermarket. Next, distribution of finished products to the store’s shop for customers

Big news for US meat exporters! China’s General Administration of Customs has just expanded its list of approved US establishments for meat export. Now, 11 more beef and eight pork exporters from the US have cut. This brings the total to a whopping 49 – a clear sign of growing trade relations between the US and China.

This increase in approved exporters is all thanks to the Phase One Agreement, a major trade deal between the two countries. Erin Borror from the US Meat Export Federation puts it best:

“The Phase One Agreement has opened doors, especially regarding getting plants approved.” Since 2020, China’s plant registration process has become quite complex, but this agreement has helped US beef and pork exporters navigate these challenges more easily.

There was a bit of a lull in approvals until this year, with no new US establishments getting the green light since 2023. So, this latest update is a big deal for the industry.

Now, let’s talk numbers. US pork exports to China have gone up by 9% this year. Beef exports, though, have seen a 23% drop. But still, China is a major player in US beef, right behind Korea, Japan, and Mexico.

The National Pork Producers Council is happy about the news but still has some worries. China’s tariffs and other barriers, like the need for all food facilities to register and a ban on certain feed additives, are still issues. And let’s not forget the 25% tariff China slapped on US pork back in April 2018.

All in all, this is a pretty significant step in the US-China meat trade saga. It shows just how dynamic and complex international trade can be.