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US Meat Export Update

TL;DR: US pork stable, beef drops but high value; quarterly exports rise in both categories.

Beef and Pork Trade Performance

March witnessed stable US pork exports, with a slight rise in value. As reported by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) using USDA data, pork exports hit 260,430 metric tons, worth $740.8 million—up by 2%.

Beef exports showed a different trend. The volume fell by 10%, totalling 108,218 metric tons. Despite the drop, the export value reached a nine-month high at $889.9 million, a modest decline from last year.

Quarterly Overview

The first quarter saw pork exports rise by 6% to 762,784 metric tons, valued at $2.11 billion. Beef exports mirrored this, with a 6% value increase to $2.48 billion.