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US Meat Export Federation Identifies Angola as a Key Growth Market


  • The US Department of Agriculture leads a trade mission to Angola, highlighting opportunities for US red meat.
  • Angola’s market, with its wealth disparity, is ripe for both premium and underutilised US beef cuts.
  • In 2022, Angola emerged as a significant African market for US poultry, indicating potential growth for beef exports.

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is spearheading the first trade mission to Luanda, Angola, from February 26-29. Matt Copeland, representing the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) with the backing of the Beef Checkoff Program, is participating in this pivotal mission. 

Despite Angola’s economic hurdles, Copeland sees a promising future for the demand for US red meat products in the country. He notes the established customer and importer base in Angola as a solid foundation for growth.

Angola’s market dynamics, characterised by significant wealth disparities, present a unique opportunity for the introduction of both premium and underutilised cuts of US beef, alongside beef variety meats. The USMEF has identified potential in Angola’s upscale restaurant and hospitality sectors, coupled with a general need for improved nutrition.

Copeland points out the presence of buffalo meat from India and emphasises the superior consistency, quality, and reliability of American products, which can contribute to better nutrition in Angola.

The USDA’s upcoming Regional Agricultural Promotion Program (RAPP), targeting Africa, is set to further bolster US beef’s position in Angola. Copeland believes that RAPP funding will enable a more profound educational outreach in the Angolan market, shifting consumer preferences towards the reliable cold chain supply systems of the US and its sustainably produced, high-quality beef.

Angola ranked as the seventh-largest African market for US exporters in 2022, becoming the continent’s top market for US poultry and the sixth globally, with imports exceeding $232 million in US poultry products. This trade mission, and the initiatives that follow, aim to replicate this success in the beef sector, marking a significant step towards expanding the US’s agricultural export footprint in Africa.