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Urgent Recall: Uninspected Pork Products Pulled from Shelves


  • Macgregors Meat and Seafood Ltd has recalled approximately 2,745 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat pork products due to missing U.S. import reinspection.
  • The recall affects specific batches of “44TH Street Slow Cooked BABY BACK RIBS” in two sauce varieties, distributed across six states.
  • No illnesses or adverse reactions have been reported, but the recall was initiated after the lack of reinspection was identified.

In a move that underscores the vigilance of food safety protocols, Macgregors Meat and Seafood Ltd has initiated a recall for a batch of its frozen pork delights that missed a crucial step in the safety checks required for foods entering the United States.

This recall, affecting roughly 2,745 pounds of the company’s ready-to-eat pork products, was announced following an oversight that led these items to bypass the import reinspection process mandated by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

At the heart of this recall are the 1.5-pound cartons of “44TH Street Slow Cooked BABY BACK RIBS MAPLEWOOD SMOKED SAUCE” alongside their cousins, the “44TH Street Glazed, Slow Cooked BABY BACK RIBS HONEY GARLIC SAUCE.” These products, distinguished by specific Julian and production dates, carry the mark of Canadian establishment number 566.

They found their way to retail shelves and restaurant kitchens across a swath of the United States, spanning Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The gap in the safety net was spotted when Macgregors reached out to FSIS, revealing that the products had sidestepped the critical import reinspection.

Thankfully, the story holds a silver lining as there have been no reports of illness or adverse reactions from these products to date. It’s a reminder of the systems in place to protect consumers, even when those systems momentarily falter.

For those in the affected states, it’s time to check your freezers and pantries. If you stumble upon these specific batches of baby back ribs, know that they’re part of a recall designed with your safety in mind. While no health issues have been reported, the recall is a precautionary measure to ensure that all food items meet the stringent safety standards expected by consumers and regulators alike.