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TFI’s Latest Report on Fertilizer Industry Sustainability

TL:DR: TFI’s report highlights fertiliser industry strides in sustainability, from workforce safety to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency.

Industry Progress

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) has recently unveiled fresh insights into sustainability achievements across vital areas like workforce safety, energy, environmental stewardship, and innovation.

CEO Perspective

TFI’s President and CEO, Corey Rosenbusch, emphasised the industry’s dedication to feeding the global population sustainably. He underscored fertiliser’s pivotal role in enhancing food production and agricultural sustainability.

Data Collection

Since 2013, TFI has been diligently collecting data on various metrics, offering valuable insights into industry efforts towards safety, sustainability, and efficiency. The latest dataset, covering operations in 2022, reflects significant progress.

Sustainable Practices

Rosenbusch highlighted ongoing efforts towards sustainable operations, such as decarbonization and environmental mitigation. Each stage of the supply chain prioritises resource efficiency and minimising community and environmental impacts.

Key Highlights

  • Over 25 zero-discharge facilities recycle all wastewater, showcasing environmental commitment.
  • TFI members consistently outperform industry benchmarks in safety, energy, and environmental metrics.
  • US farmers achieve a nitrogen use efficiency of 70%, surpassing the global average of 55%.
  • 4R Advocates in 2023 achieved an impressive 100% nitrogen use efficiency.
  • TFI members are actively pursuing decarbonization initiatives, including energy efficiency enhancements and low carbon ammonia technologies.

Forward Momentum

TFI’s focus on decarbonizing manufacturing sites and defining carbon intensity protocols underscores a commitment to sustainability and agricultural productivity.