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Texas Wildfire Results in Over 1,000 Cattle Missing or Dead


  • Texas faces its largest wildfire ever, the Smokehouse Creek Fire, causing significant cattle losses in Hemphill County.
  • The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) is providing aid, including funds and feed, to affected areas.
  • Efforts to support livestock movement and emergency response are underway, with regulatory requirements temporarily lifted.

In an unprecedented environmental disaster, Texas is grappling with the aftermath of the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest wildfire in the state’s history and the second largest in the United States. This catastrophic event has led to the loss of over a thousand cattle in Hemphill County alone, with the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) confirming that the numbers of missing or deceased livestock are expected to climb.

The scale of the Smokehouse Creek Fire has eclipsed the top 20 wildfires in California, marking a significant moment in the environmental and agricultural crisis. In response, the TDA has initiated a series of relief efforts aimed at mitigating the impact on the agricultural community. These measures include the provision of agricultural funds, as well as essential resources such as hay and feed for the surviving livestock.

In a show of solidarity and community spirit, residents and communities across the affected regions have come together to donate resources and offer support to the emergency responders working tirelessly to control the situation.

Furthermore, the state has taken practical steps to aid in the recovery process, including the temporary suspension of oversized/overweight vehicle permitting requirements. This is complemented by facilitated waivers for livestock movement documentation, easing the logistical challenges faced by farmers and ranchers in these trying times.

As Texas confronts this historic wildfire, the collective efforts of the TDA, local communities, and the state government underscore the resilience and determination to overcome the challenges posed by such natural disasters.