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Strategic Initiatives Bolster Demand for U.S. Pork


  • Strategic efforts by the Pork Checkoff include forming new retail alliances, engaging directly with consumers, and expanding into global markets.
  • Campaigns and partnerships are designed to highlight pork’s versatility and appeal, aiming to increase its consumption beyond traditional meals.
  • The Checkoff’s international strategy has successfully enhanced U.S. pork’s market share, particularly in Japan and Mexico, through focused marketing and quality showcases.

The leadership of Dr David Newman, Senior Vice President for Market Growth at the National Pork Board, is pivotal in steering the Pork Checkoff’s initiatives towards augmenting both global and domestic demand for pork produced in the U.S. This strategy zeroes in on identifying the core consumer demographic, their purchasing preferences, and avenues for market expansion.

Cultivating Retail and Foodservice Relationships

Acknowledging the staple role of pork in American breakfasts and brunches, the initiative is set to broaden its appeal to other meals. Engagements with stakeholders across food service, retail, and convenience sectors have been instrumental, in demonstrating pork’s economic and nutritional benefits.

The year 2023 marked notable successes, including securing agreements with major food service providers, enhancing pork’s presence in various dining programs, and introducing novel pork products in convenience stores.

Direct Consumer Engagement

A cornerstone of the Checkoff’s strategy is its laser-focused consumer engagement. Utilising insights from dedicated research, the Checkoff crafts compelling narratives for specific audience segments. 

Emphasising the flavour profile of pork, efforts are tailored to resonate with younger consumers, leveraging digital platforms for maximum reach. The “Ponle Pork” initiative exemplifies targeted marketing, significantly boosting pork consumption among Hispanic communities in key metropolitan areas.

International Market Expansion

Beyond domestic endeavours, the Checkoff collaborates with international bodies to elevate U.S. pork’s standing on the global stage. This includes identifying potential markets, promoting the exceptional quality of U.S. pork, and introducing innovative pork products.

Notably, promotional activities in Japan have underscored U.S. pork’s sustainability, leading to its adoption by a major Japanese restaurant chain. This strategy has also seen success in Mexico and Latin America, where U.S. pork shipments have hit record highs.

Through a blend of strategic partnerships, consumer-centric marketing, and global outreach, the Pork Checkoff is diligently working to solidify U.S. pork’s position in the market. These concerted efforts aim to ensure a steady demand for pork, benefiting producers across the United States.