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Standard Meat Co. Announces New Processing Plant in Texas

Standard Meat Co. is set to revamp a former meat processing facility near its Fort Worth, Texas headquarters, marking the addition of its fifth protein plant. The company plans to transform the 166,000-square-foot facility, originally built in 1955, into a modern production hub for its state-of-the-art sous vide production lines.

This development, as stated in a recent news release, is aimed at catering to the demands of Standard Meat’s premier commercial clients. The facility’s upgrade is not just limited to sous vide production; it also opens avenues for the company to introduce additional production lines. This flexibility will allow Standard Meat to delve into future technologies and respond to evolving protein market trends.

The acquisition of this renovated plant in 2023 is part of Standard Meat’s broader strategy to enhance its operational flexibility. By employing advanced technologies and processes, the company aims to offer tailored solutions to its clients. While the news release did not specify a precise timeline for the completion of this expansion or the number of jobs it will create, the move signifies a significant step in Standard Meat’s growth and adaptation to market needs.