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Organic Meat Company Ltd Secures GACC Registration, Bolstering Pakistan’s Position in Global Meat Trade

In a pivotal move for Pakistan’s meat industry, The Organic Meat Company Ltd has achieved the distinction of being the first Pakistani firm to gain registration with China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC).

This milestone not only facilitates an avenue for increased meat exports to China but also fortifies Pakistan’s status in the global meat arena.

Ghulam Qadir, Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, indicated that this landmark was attained through years of meticulous quality control and compliance with international norms.

The company underwent exhaustive inspections and quality assessments to satisfy GACC’s stringent standards.

“Securing GACC registration unlocks the potential for tapping into China’s burgeoning meat market, which has a rising appetite for high-quality meat products,” Qadir elaborated.

He further noted that this could substantially augment Pakistan’s meat exports, thereby contributing to economic expansion and generating job opportunities in the meat processing sector.

Chaudhary Javed Saleem, a stakeholder in the meat and related products industry, expressed his elation over this significant achievement. “This sets a benchmark for other Pakistani meat enterprises to strive for superior quality and adherence to international regulations,” he stated.

The accomplishment also amplifies Pakistan’s international standing, showcasing the nation’s ability to meet the rigorous prerequisites of global markets.

It represents not merely a significant leap for The Organic Meat Company Ltd but also establishes a framework for enhanced trade relations with China, promising a brighter outlook for Pakistan’s global meat exports.

The GACC, China’s regulatory authority for food imports, maintains rigorous standards, particularly for meat products. Achieving registration with this institution is a commendable feat, highlighting the imperative of upholding high-quality standards in the food sector to penetrate profitable international markets.