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Optimistic Outlook for US Chicken Exports Following Consistent Performance

WASHINGTON — The US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) recently provided an update on the US poultry industry and exports in recognition of National Chicken Month.

The United States stands as the second-largest global exporter of chicken, having shipped frozen chicken leg quarters, legs, and thighs to over 145 nations in 2022. These exports contributed $4.4 billion to the economy, representing 16% of the world’s chicken production.

Despite challenges like the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks, US chicken exports demonstrated resilience. In 2022, there was only a 1% decline in volume, while the value surged by 22%. This performance in 2022 was notably better than in 2015 when HPAI severely impacted trade.

The USDA’s proactive negotiations have successfully maintained and reopened markets that faced HPAI-related constraints.

Dark meat products from the US found favor in international markets, complementing the domestic preference for white meat. In 2022, the majority of US broiler meat exports were directed towards developing economies, with 14% going to the least developed countries.

A notable accomplishment was the USDA’s successful negotiation with Egypt to introduce frozen poultry parts, with initial shipments valued at $800,000.

Looking ahead, FAS projects a 3% growth in US chicken exports by 2024, supported by recent production increments. Key markets include Angola, Canada, China, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

The USDA remains dedicated to collaborating with the US poultry sector to ensure smooth market access and sustained success for the nation’s diligent poultry producers.