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NPPC Raises Concerns Over Biotech Oversight

TL;DR: NPPC addresses concerns over U.S. biotech oversight, advocating for streamlined FDA processes to boost innovation and keep U.S. pork producers competitive globally.

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) voices optimism and concern in a recent communication. They see gene editing and other biotechnologies as avenues for enhancing animal welfare and sustainability. However, the current U.S. regulatory approach could hinder innovation.

In a letter to the National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology, the NPPC highlights potential roadblocks. These include prolonged approval times and costs, along with a regulatory focus that might not fully grasp livestock biotechnology’s nuances.

Such barriers, the council worries, could leave U.S. pork producers behind as other nations advance. The technology holds promise for tackling diseases like porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, alongside promoting judicious antibiotic use.

The NPPC suggests a revised FDA approval process. This could evaluate new gene-editing applications based on past ones, streamlining safety assessments. The goal is to maintain U.S. competitiveness in global agriculture.