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New Tool from USDA Reveals Impact of Foreign Trade on US States

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The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service has introduced a new digital tool aimed at illustrating the effects of U.S. trade agreements at the state level.

The USDA stated, “Every state boasts signature food and farm products that have gained international recognition. From Wisconsin’s dairy and California’s wine to Florida’s citrus fruits and Maine’s lobster, these products are globally celebrated.”

The online tool utilises interactive story maps to demonstrate how specific trade achievements positively influence these key sectors. This, in turn, brings economic advantages to farmers, agricultural businesses, and rural communities across all 50 states.

For instance, the tool’s Alabama section reveals that Taiwan has declared 12 U.S. states, including Alabama, as flu-free, thereby enabling them to export to Taiwan. It’s worth noting that Taiwan is the second-largest market for U.S. poultry in East Asia, trailing only China. In 2022, exports to Taiwan amounted to an estimated $274 million.

The tool features a dedicated tab for each state, offering insights into the ramifications of foreign trade agreements on local industries.

To explore the new feature, click here.