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New Name for Cattle Disease Announced

TL;DR: AABP renames dairy cattle disease to Bovine Influenza A Virus (BIAV) to clarify its impact and maintain trust in beef and dairy.

ASHLAND, OHIO — The American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) disclosed in a recent letter their decision to rename the disease affecting dairy cattle across the United States. The condition, previously associated with avian influenza H5N1, will now be known as Bovine Influenza A Virus (BIAV).

The change comes after consultations with veterinarians, health organisations, and government agencies. These discussions highlighted the need for a distinct name due to the disease’s differing impact on cattle compared to birds.

Unlike in birds, where the virus is highly pathogenic, BIAV does not cause severe sickness or death among cattle. This distinction led the AABP to advocate for a separate term, moving away from labels such as ‘HPAI in cattle’ or ‘bird flu in cattle’.

From now on, BIAV will be the official term used in all AABP communications. The organisation urges others to adopt this terminology to ensure public messages are consistent and clear.

It’s vital.

This rebranding aims to maintain public trust in beef and dairy products, emphasising the safety and availability of these foods despite the disease’s presence.

The AABP’s initiative reflects their commitment to accurate disease representation and public education on animal health matters.