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New Menu Launch at Shanghai Bistros

TL;DR: New Zealand launches a limited-time menu in Shanghai, featuring grass-fed meats to boost trade and familiarise Chinese consumers with premium beef and lamb products.

Premium New Zealand Meats Take Centre Stage

At premium Shanghai bistros, Alimentari chefs are featuring New Zealand grass-fed beef from Silver Fern Farms and Pure South lamb from Alliance Group. Their dishes blend local tastes with the pure, natural flavours of New Zealand meat.

Aims of the Campaign

Kate Acland, Chair of B+LNZ, states, “We aim to integrate New Zealand beef and lamb into the everyday life of Chinese consumers.” This effort seeks to increase the appreciation and consumption of these products, enhancing Sino-New Zealand trade relations.

Celebrity Endorsement

Supported by Shen Hongfei, consultant of ‘A Bite of China’ and founder of ‘Shen’s Dining Room’, the campaign gains significant attention. Hongfei brings credibility and a wide reach to the initiative.

Media and Promotion

Hongfei also created special episodes for his channel featuring discussions on the grass-fed method and the health benefits of New Zealand meat. These episodes help viewers understand the quality and environmental benefits of the products.

Launch Event

The campaign started on 2 April at an Alimentari bistro. The event attracted media and influencers, with New Zealand’s Consul-General Ardi Barnard and Trade Commissioner Richard Dunsheath attending. Representatives from exporters and distributors were also present.

Ongoing Campaign Efforts

The Taste Pure Nature campaign continuously works to boost the profile of New Zealand’s grass-fed meats in China. It focuses on strengthening ties with local importers and food professionals to ensure smooth market entry. This strategy addresses the growing Chinese demand for quality meat products.