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New Guidelines Set by Poultry Alliance to Enhance Bird Lives

The International Poultry Welfare Alliance (IPWA), a group of 90 dedicated organisations, is taking a stand for the welfare of chickens and turkeys bred for our tables. They believe that every bird’s life, however brief, should be lived in comfort and health.

In a bold move, the IPWA has rolled out detailed guidelines that pave the way for producers to ensure their birds meet vital welfare standards. These guidelines are rooted in scientific research and cover the birds’ entire lifespan, focusing on their health and safety.

Key aspects of turkey welfare, such as ensuring proper air quality, humidity, and ventilation, are highlighted. The IPWA’s guidance includes practical advice for training staff to monitor environmental conditions and suggests affordable solutions for improving them. For instance, installing blackout blinds can keep barns cooler during the intense midday heat.

These guidelines aren’t just about keeping birds healthy; they’re also designed to help poultry producers monitor important metrics like flock mortality, which can significantly affect their operations. The creation of these guidelines was a collaborative effort, drawing on the expertise of IPWA members, including those who manage production, own businesses, or practise veterinary medicine.