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Nebraska’s Greater Omaha Packing Expands with Heartland Proteins Acquisition

In a strategic development in the agricultural sector, Greater Omaha Packing Inc., a key player in Nebraska’s meat processing industry, has announced its acquisition of Heartland Proteins. This move marks a significant expansion for Greater Omaha Packing, enhancing its presence in the animal feed industry.

Heartland Proteins, established by industry veteran Keith Fulton in 2018, has been at the forefront of supplying specialised meat and bone meals for the animal feed market. The company’s expertise lies in its unique blending techniques, catering to the specific dietary requirements of the pork, poultry, and pet food sectors.

Greater Omaha’s President, Mike Drury, spoke highly of the acquisition, praising Fulton’s entrepreneurial skills and customer-focused business model. Drury emphasised that Fulton’s approach aligns seamlessly with Greater Omaha’s values. He expressed enthusiasm about infusing Heartland Proteins with the necessary capital for growth and innovation, and he looks forward to Fulton’s continued guidance in the business.

Fulton brings a wealth of experience, spanning over three decades, to the table. His career began at Iowa Grain in Des Moines, where he assisted farmers with market strategies.

He later held significant roles at National By-Products (NBP) and Darling International, leading to the establishment of Heartland Proteins. The blending plant in Omaha, operational since January 2020, is a testament to Fulton’s vision and dedication, supported by his team and Progressive Protein.

Fulton’s deep roots in agriculture, stemming from his upbringing on a North Central Iowa farm and his Ag Business degree from Iowa State in 1988, along with his commodities brokerage licence, have profoundly influenced his professional journey.