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Miami Beef Co. Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Hofmann Sausage Co.


  • Miami Beef Co. has acquired Hofmann Sausage Co., expanding its brand portfolio to include a variety of meat products and condiments.
  • The acquisition aims to enhance Hofmann’s growth nationwide, with Miami Beef planning investments in Hofmann’s Syracuse facilities.
  • Hofmann Sausage Co., known for its wide range of products, has been expanding its distribution, including partnerships with Walmart and Harris Teeter.

On February 13, Miami Beef Co. announced its acquisition of the esteemed Hofmann Sausage Co., marking a significant expansion of its brand portfolio. Hofmann Sausage Co., renowned for its diverse range of products including beef and pork franks, smoked sausages, bratwursts, beef jerky, and condiments, will now become part of Miami Beef’s growing family of brands.

Robert Young, CEO of Miami Beef, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting Hofmann’s rich heritage and strong community ties. “We are thrilled to welcome Hofmann Sausage to the Miami Beef family. Hofmann has a meaningful heritage and deep connection to its loyal customers, employees, and community, which we plan to continue serving through investment in its facilities in Syracuse,” Young stated.

Founded in 1972, Miami Beef has been a stalwart in the meat industry, providing high-quality fresh and frozen meat products to retail and foodservice customers across the nation. The addition of Hofmann Sausage Co. is seen as a strategic move to diversify Miami Beef’s product offerings and enhance the grilling experience for customers. “Adding hot dogs and sausages to our high-quality hamburger offerings allows us to give our customers the full grilling experience,” explained Young.

The company aims to significantly expand Hofmann’s market presence throughout the country and seeks further brand acquisitions that complement its portfolio.

Miami Beef’s brand lineup, including Miami Beef, Free Graze, Florida Raised, Sizzle King, Young Ridge, Brooklyn Burger, Devault Foods, and now Hofmann Sausage, is produced in its facilities located in South Florida and Central New York.

Hofmann Sausage Co., with a history dating back to 1879, has made its mark by offering products online and through various retail channels such as grocery stores, big box retailers, convenience stores, restaurants, and stadiums across the eastern United States.

Recent years have seen Hofmann expand its distribution in the Southeast, notably through partnerships with Walmart in Florida and the introduction of its Natural Casing German Brand Cheddar Franks to Harris Teeter stores across eight states.

The acquisition by Miami Beef Co. is set to propel Hofmann Sausage Co. into new markets and further solidify its position as a leader in the meat industry, building on its legacy of quality and innovation.