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Meat Industry Navigates New Packaging Mandates

TL;DR: The meat industry faces new eco-friendly packaging laws; exemptions are needed to ensure product safety.

Upcoming Changes

NASHVILLE — The 2024 Annual Meat Conference focused on new packaging rules that retailers and suppliers need to understand to stay successful in an eco-friendly world.

“If you haven’t planned yet, regulators will act for you, and their choices may not please you,” warned Dan Felton, Ameripen executive director.

California’s Role

California leads with a new packaging law starting in 2025, which will affect meat packaging.

Meat packaging is unique, unlike other food packaging, said Myra Hughes Foster, vice president of sustainability at Sealed Air Corporation.

Challenges and Solutions

Food packaging rules are often set by companies without the same safety needs as fresh meat packaging. These needs make fresh meat packaging essential. The meat industry must seek exemptions from some new laws to ensure safety and proper delivery.