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Florida’s Stance on Lab-Grown Meat

TL;DR: Florida bans lab-grown meat, Governor DeSantis and Agriculture Commissioner Simpson defend traditional agriculture against global dietary trends.

Governor DeSantis Signs Bill

Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, has signed a new bill into law, banning the sale of lab-grown meat across the state.

Rejecting Global Dietary Trends

The Governor criticised the World Economic Forum’s push for alternative proteins like lab-grown meat and insects. He argues that these recommendations come from a desire to control food sources globally. DeSantis emphasised, “Florida will not follow; we will continue to support real beef production.”

Preserving Traditional Farming

In a strong statement, DeSantis mentioned, “We are saving our local farms from the global elite’s agenda.” This move, he suggests, safeguards traditional agricultural practices and supports Florida’s farmers and ranchers.

Support from the Agricultural Commissioner

Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, Wilton Simpson, also supported the bill, calling lab-grown meat a “disgraceful attempt” against American farming traditions. “It’s essential we protect our farmers and the true nature of agriculture,” Simpson added.

Background Context

This legislative action follows a 2021 article by the World Economic Forum that promoted insects as a sustainable protein source, igniting widespread debate on modern food innovations versus traditional diets.