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Florida’s Stance on Agriculture and “Fake Meat”


  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis supports traditional agriculture and has announced legislation to ban the production and sale of “fake meat” in the state.
  • The proposed bills, Florida House Bill 435 and Senate Bill SB-585, aim to protect conventional agricultural practices by potentially revoking the licence of restaurants or stores selling cultivated meat, citing safety concerns due to insufficient research.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has expressed strong support for traditional agriculture methods, leading to legislative efforts aimed at prohibiting the production and sale of alternative meat products within the state.

During a news conference focused on rural broadband access in Hardee County, DeSantis emphasised the importance of real meat to Florida’s diet and economy, stating, “You need meat. We’re going to have meat in Florida. Like, we’re not going to have fake meat. Like, that doesn’t work.”

This declaration came amidst discussions on various topics, including the state’s opposition to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies that some believe unfairly target the agricultural sector by linking it to climate change concerns. DeSantis criticised these policies, particularly those promoted in Washington D.C., for their stance on agriculture.

The proposed legislation, Florida House Bill 435 and its Senate counterpart, SB-585, seeks to ban the production of cultivated meat. The bills argue that there is insufficient research to guarantee the safety of these products. Under these laws, restaurants or stores selling cultivated meat could lose their licences, highlighting Florida’s commitment to protecting conventional agricultural practices against emerging food technologies.