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EASY BIO Acquires Devenish Nutrition to Boost North American Presence


  • South Korea’s EASY BIO acquires 100% of Devenish Nutrition LLC, aiming to enhance its feed additive and premix business in North America.
  • Devenish Nutrition, known for its feed additives and premixes, operates from Minnesota with production and research facilities in the U.S. and Mexico.
  • The acquisition is expected to create synergies between EASY BIO’s innovative solutions and Devenish Nutrition’s technological prowess, aiming for leadership in the eco-friendly animal industry.

In a strategic move to expand its footprint in the North American market, South Korea’s premier animal nutrition firm, EASY BIO, has officially taken over Devenish Nutrition LLC. This acquisition, completed on February 29, sees EASY BIO securing a 100% stake in the U.S.-based company renowned for its specialisation in feed additives.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Fairmont, Minnesota, Devenish Nutrition has carved a niche for itself in the competitive landscape of feed additives and premixes. With a robust infrastructure comprising five production plants and six research facilities across the U.S. and Mexico, Devenish has consistently catered to a diverse clientele, offering tailored solutions that meet a wide array of customer needs.

EASY BIO, established in 1988, has been at the forefront of developing alternative antibiotic solutions, cost-saving strategies, and innovations in animal gut health. Operating under the ethos of ‘Guidance for Sustainable Animal Industry,’ the company has dedicated itself to pioneering future directions for an eco-friendly animal sector while boosting customer competitiveness.

The merger is poised to harness the collective strengths of both entities. EASY BIO’s cutting-edge solutions and Devenish Nutrition’s solid technological foundation and extensive solution portfolio are expected to complement each other, fostering strategic enhancements and synergy.

This collaboration is anticipated to bolster their standing in the North American market, setting a new benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the animal nutrition industry.

EASY BIO’s CEO, Stevenson Hwang, expressed confidence in the acquisition, highlighting Devenish Nutrition’s market leadership in North America, underpinned by its advanced technology and comprehensive solutions. Hwang emphasised EASY BIO’s commitment to supporting Devenish Nutrition’s continued growth and development, aiming to cement its position as a market leader through this strategic acquisition.