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Colorado Premium Unveils Groundbreaking Sous Vide Processing Facility in Greeley


  • Colorado Premium has launched its first facility dedicated to sous vide protein processing in Greeley, Colorado, expanding its capacity to meet customer needs with innovative cooking techniques.
  • The new 175,000-square-foot plant, set on a 20-acre site, aims to employ up to 275 workers, highlighting the company’s growth and commitment to quality and culinary excellence.

Colorado Premium, a key player in the meat processing industry, has recently unveiled its inaugural sous vide protein processing facility. This new venture, which opened on February 5th, marks a significant expansion for the company, introducing a 175,000-square-foot plant dedicated to the sous vide method. This facility is not only the first of its kind within the company’s portfolio but also represents its third processing plant overall.

Zack Henderson, the Chief Revenue Officer at Colorado Premium, expressed enthusiasm about the new facility’s capabilities, which include searing, par-frying, and sous vide cooking for all types of protein. According to Henderson, this diversification in cooking techniques is aimed at fulfilling the varied needs of their customers, ensuring satisfaction across the board.

Strategically located at 2400 West 29th Street in Greeley, Colorado, the plant occupies a 20-acre site acquired by Colorado Premium in 2022. The company anticipates that once fully operational, the facility will employ up to 275 individuals. This development signifies a boost in local employment and underscores Colorado Premium’s capability for future expansion, catering to the growing demand for sous vide products.

Dan LaFleur, President of Colorado Premium, highlighted the increasing popularity of sous vide cooking among restaurant operators. This technique is sought after for its ability to deliver consistently high-quality and great-tasting products on a large scale, with reduced dependence on skilled kitchen staff.

LaFleur pointed out that the company has always focused on combining culinary and manufacturing expertise to support its customers’ growth. The new facility is a testament to this commitment, poised to support the company’s objectives for many years ahead.

With its headquarters and main production facility also based in Greeley, and another processing facility in Denver, Colorado Premium now employs over 700 workers. This expansion reinforces the company’s presence in the industry and its dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service in the evolving culinary landscape.