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Colombia’s Response to Avian Flu

TL;DR: Colombia bans US beef from certain states due to avian flu found in dairy cattle.

Beef Ban from the US

Last week, Colombia declared a prohibition on US beef from certain states following the discovery of avian flu in dairy cattle. Despite no cases in beef cattle, this preventive measure is now in place.

USDA’s Surveillance Efforts

The USDA asserts its commitment to public health through a robust disease monitoring system. “Our guidelines for managing HPAI emergencies are accessible online,” noted a USDA spokesperson, emphasising ongoing communication about the flu’s status.

Industry Reaction

The US Meat Export Federation criticised the restrictions as unscientific, given they stem from findings in dairy, not beef cattle. “Colombia’s unilateral action disrupts trade and impacts stakeholders across the supply chain,” they argued, noting the importance of science in decision-making processes. The US exported approximately $40 million worth of beef to Colombia last year, a fraction of its nearly $10 billion in global beef exports.

Looking Ahead

Both the USDA and USMEF are engaging with Colombian authorities, hoping for a swift resolution to this trade impediment.