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China Influences Soybean and Pork Exports

Man’s palm full of dried soybeans with some scattered on black wooden table

Recent reports show that China’s demand has increased exports of soybeans and pork. This was especially true in the week ending November 2nd.

The USDA also noted that China is buying a lot of cotton, but cotton sales have gone down compared to last week.

Different Trends in Agricultural Exports

Not all farm products are following the same trend. While soybeans and pork are up, other products like corn, wheat, and soybean products are also doing well in exports. But, beef, sorghum, and rice exports are not doing as well.

These changes in exports are because of different reasons like the time of year and how currencies are doing.

Details on Some Products

Soybeans and Wheat: Soybean exports are good, with China buying the most. Wheat exports are also up, with South Korea buying a lot.

Corn and Sorghum: Corn exports have increased, with Mexico buying a lot. But, sorghum exports have gone down, with China being the only buyer.

Rice and Soybean Products: Rice sales have decreased, with Venezuela and Mexico buying. Sales of soybean meal and oil are okay, with different countries buying.

Cotton: Cotton sales have gone down, with China and Vietnam being the main buyers.

Meat Exports: Beef sales have slightly decreased, but pork sales have gone up a lot, with China, Mexico, and Japan buying the most.