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Cargill Unveils Revolutionary NIR Technology to Enhance Poultry Health and Egg Production

Cargill has rolled out a new Near-InfraRed (NIR) technology, named REVEAL Layers, aimed at transforming poultry farming. This innovative tool offers quick and non-invasive body composition assessments for hens, enabling producers and nutritionists to adjust diets for optimal flock health and productivity.

Lieske van Eck, a senior scientist at Cargill, highlighted that REVEAL Layers is a key component of Cargill’s comprehensive strategy to monitor hen body fat and egg production. This approach assists in making informed dietary choices, crucial for supporting sustainable and efficient poultry production amidst the global challenge of feeding a growing population.

The technology specifically targets the issue of excessive fat pad development in laying hens, which can negatively impact their egg production and liver health. Utilising NIR light, REVEAL Layers measure the fat pads of birds accurately. These measurements are then analysed, providing valuable data for producers and nutritionists.

Cargill notes that the benefits of REVEAL Layers include cost reduction, increased profitability, and improved egg production efficiency.

The technology will be showcased at the 2024 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE), starting January 30, marking a significant advancement in the field of poultry farming by offering a smarter, data-driven approach to managing laying hen health and productivity.