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Cargill Enhances Partnership with Alternative Protein Producers Enough


  • Cargill invests in Enough’s Series C funding round and signs a commercial agreement to utilise and market Enough’s fermented protein, Abunda mycoprotein.
  • Enough, leveraging a zero-waste fermentation process aims to scale sustainable protein production using Cargill’s glucose syrup.
  • The collaboration seeks to expand the alternative protein market, leveraging Cargill’s global reach and Enough’s innovative protein solutions.

In a significant move towards sustainable food production, Cargill has deepened its collaboration with the alternative meat startup, Enough, formerly known as 3F Bio. This partnership, announced on February 16, 2024, by Brooke Just, marks a pivotal step in the development of alternative meat and dairy solutions, with Cargill participating in Enough’s Series C funding round and entering a commercial agreement to employ and market Enough’s fermented protein.

Based in Minneapolis, the collaboration between Cargill and Enough is set to drive innovation in the alternative protein sector. Enough utilises a unique technology to produce Abunda mycoprotein, a sustainable protein made by fermenting fungi with sugars derived from grain. This process, which is both natural and efficient, results in a complete food ingredient rich in amino acids and dietary fibre.

The partnership is underpinned by a shared commitment to sustainability, with the mycoprotein being produced through a zero-waste fermentation process that utilises Cargill’s glucose syrup as a primary resource. Belgin Kose, Cargill’s managing director of meat and dairy alternatives, highlighted the critical role of mycoprotein in meeting the growing global demand for protein in an environmentally sustainable manner. Kose emphasised the disruptive potential of mycoprotein, citing its meat-like texture, nutritional profile, scalability, and sustainability as key benefits.

This expanded partnership enables Cargill to co-create with customers, offering protein alternative foods that incorporate Enough’s Abunda mycoprotein. Furthermore, Enough will benefit from Cargill’s extensive global footprint and expertise in feedstock technology to scale its operations in Europe and beyond.

Jim Laird, CEO of Enough, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to accelerate the alternative protein market’s growth. He noted the importance of collaboration with companies like Cargill to leverage existing demand and supply chains for scaling purposes.

This collaboration represents a forward-thinking approach to addressing the challenges of sustainable food production, promising to deliver innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and the global food supply chain.