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Canadian Agriculture Minister Discusses Trade Concerns with U.S. Officials

Lawrence MacAulay, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, recently voiced concerns over the potential trade implications of the United States’ Proposition 12 and voluntary country of origin labelling (VCOOL) regulations in animal agriculture. These regulations, he fears, could potentially hinder trade and disrupt supply chains between the two nations.

MacAulay’s comments came during his inaugural ministerial outreach trip to the United States since his appointment on July 26, 2023. The trip’s agenda focused on reinforcing ties and advancing mutual priorities in the agricultural sector.

During his visit, MacAulay met with key industry figures and agri-food stakeholders to strengthen the longstanding agricultural partnership between Canada and the U.S.

In his discussions, MacAulay emphasised the unique and significant agricultural relationship shared by Canada and the U.S. He highlighted the bond formed through shared geography, common values, mutual interests, and economic connections. The goal, according to MacAulay, is to build a sustainable agricultural sector that bolsters rural economies and provides food security both domestically and globally.

A key meeting took place in Washington with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Here, MacAulay expressed his apprehensions regarding Proposition 12 and VCOOL.

The two ministers also discussed sustainable agriculture, focusing on collaborative efforts in global agricultural innovation, particularly in addressing climate change. Their discussions included exploring innovative tools for decision-making, monitoring, and enhancing sustainability and resilience in agricultural landscapes.

Additionally, MacAulay engaged with representatives from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Canadian Cattle Association. These discussions centred on reducing trade barriers and the importance of maintaining robust beef supply chains.