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Canada’s Strategic $89 Million Boost to Agricultural Processing Sector


  • An infusion of $89 million by Canada aims to revolutionise dairy, poultry, and egg processing facilities.
  • Funding targets 49 innovative projects to introduce automation, addressing both environmental concerns and the scarcity of labour.

In a landmark announcement from Ingleside, Ontario, on February 5th, Lawrence MacAulay, the esteemed Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food for Canada, disclosed an ambitious plan to inject up to $89 million into the nation’s agricultural processing backbone. This initiative is a testament to Canada’s unwavering support for its supply management framework and the vital rural communities it nurtures.

Destined for 49 select projects under the auspices of the Supply Management Processing Investment Fund, this generous allocation is poised to catapult dairy, poultry, and egg processors into a new era of operational efficiency.

This financial backing is earmarked for the acquisition and integration of state-of-the-art automated machinery and technologies, poised to significantly elevate production capabilities while simultaneously addressing the dual challenges of environmental sustainability and labour shortages.

Among the projects earmarked for transformation are the integration of advanced milk pasteurisers, sophisticated ultrafiltration systems, and cutting-edge robotics for packaging operations, alongside innovative machines dedicated to the grading, setting, and breaking of eggs.

This initiative is a cornerstone of the broader Supply Management Processing Investment Fund, a visionary 6-year, $397.5 million endeavour initiated in 2022. The fund is designed to fortify processors of supply-managed commodities, enabling them to navigate the evolving market landscapes shaped by international trade agreements.

The funding scheme is structured to subsidise up to 50% of eligible expenses for small to medium-sized enterprises and up to 25% for larger entities, those boasting a workforce of 500 or more. With the application portal now open, this initiative stands as a clarion call to action, inviting processors to seize this unparalleled opportunity to redefine the contours of Canada’s agricultural processing sector.

This strategic investment underscores Canada’s commitment to fostering innovation within its agricultural sector, setting a benchmark for sustainable and efficient food production practices. It heralds a new chapter in the nation’s agricultural narrative, promising to bolster the sector’s competitiveness on the global stage while ensuring the well-being of the environment and the economy.