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Brazil Sets New Records in Meat Production for 2023


  • Brazil’s meat industry marks a year of substantial growth, with beef, chicken, and pork production reaching all-time highs.
  • The country’s cattle slaughter numbers climbed to 34.06 million, up by 13.7%, driving beef exports over the 2 million metric tons mark.
  • Record-breaking figures were also seen in chicken and pork production, alongside notable increases in livestock populations.

In an impressive display of agricultural prowess, Brazil’s meat production sectors hit unprecedented levels in 2023. Data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) revealed that cattle slaughter numbers soared to 34.06 million, a 13.7% jump from the previous year, propelling beef exports beyond the 2 million metric tons threshold for the first time.

The poultry sector also reached a new milestone, with chicken slaughter figures hitting 6.28 billion, marking a 2.8% rise from the prior year and the highest since the inception of record-keeping in 1997. The pork industry wasn’t left behind, with slaughter figures reaching 57.17 million head, a 1.3% increase from 2022, setting another record for the nation.

Further insights from IBGE show a robust growth trajectory in Brazil’s broader livestock sector. The cattle population expanded by about 4.4%, totalling over 234 million head. Similarly, the numbers of hogs and pigs rose by approximately 4.7% to surpass 44 million head, while poultry numbers increased by about 3.8%, reaching over 1.586 billion.

These achievements highlight Brazil’s escalating influence in the global meat production arena, showcasing significant year-on-year growth across its beef, chicken, and pork industries.