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Arizona’s New Legislative Front: Bills to Tame Cultivated Meat Market

Big news from the sun-drenched state of Arizona! Lawmakers are rolling up their sleeves with a couple of bills that are all about putting some rules in place for cultivated meat products. You know, the kind of meat that doesn’t come from the farm but from labs and other futuristic sources.

First up, we’ve got House Bill 2244, brought to the table by Representative Quang Nguyen. This one’s

zooming in on what you can and can’t call “meat.” So, if it’s not from your regular livestock or poultry, don’t even think about slapping the ‘meat’ label on it. This includes lab-grown meat and those synthetic goodies made from plants, bugs, or whatever else. The bill is

trying to keep things clear and honest when it comes to labels.

Now, the second one’s a bit more hard-hitting. House Bill 2121, introduced by Representative David Marshall, is playing it tough. This bill is all about saying a big ‘no’ to selling or making cell-cultured animal products for munching or feeding in Arizona.

Marshall’s looking out for public health and giving a nod to the state’s deep roots in cattle ranching – a big part of Arizona’s heritage and economy. Plus, here’s a kicker: if your business takes a hit because of cultivated meat, this bill says you can sue for damages up to a hefty $100,000.

Turns out, Arizona’s not alone in this game. Similar bills have been popping up in Florida, too.

These moves come on the heels of a pretty big announcement six months

back. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service gave the green light to Upside Foods and Good Meat. These guys have passed the pre-market checks for their cultivated meat, and they’re already serving up their creations in restaurants in California and Washington, D.C. But, as things stand now, you won’t find these futuristic meats in your local grocery store just yet.