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Arizona Moves to Define ‘Meat’: House Committee Passes Key Bill

Arizona’s Legislative Action on Meat Labelling

In a significant legislative move, the Arizona House Committee on Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs has voted in favour of House Bill 2244. This bill, if passed into law, would prohibit the use of the term “meat” for products not derived from traditional livestock or poultry. The committee’s decision came through a 6-3 vote.

The Drive Behind the Bill

The bill, championed by Representative Quang Nguyen, addresses concerns over consumer confusion in meat labelling. Rep. Nguyen argues that the current FDA labelling requirements for cultivated meat are insufficient, necessitating clearer legislation.

Another Bill on Cultivated Meat

In related developments, a second bill concerning cultivated meat, proposed by Representative David Marshall, was initially scheduled for discussion.

However, Rep. Marshall has temporarily withdrawn this bill to work on amendments. This proposed legislation aims to completely ban the production and sale of cultivated meat in Arizona.

Next Steps for House Bill 2244

Following its committee approval, House Bill 2244 is now set to be presented to the entire Arizona House for consideration and potential approval.