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A Little Longer Wait for New Organic Livestock Rules

Heads up, folks in the farming world! The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has just hit the pause button on the Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards (OLPS) final rule that was set to roll out. Originally dropped into the public domain on November 2, this rule’s got a new ‘kick-off’ date: January 12.

Why the delay, you ask? Well, it’s all about sticking to the rules – the Congressional Review Act (CRA) rules, to be precise. This act says that the bigwigs in Congress need a good 60 days to flip through a major rule before it swings into action. The AMS had pinged Congress about this rule on November 13, aiming for a January 2 start. But quick maths tells you that’s shy of the 60-day mark.

Now, don’t get tangled up thinking all the dates are shifting. The compliance dates that were put out there on November 2 are still good to go. But, there’s a tiny tweak: one of the dates in the original text was a bit off. It said January 5, 2029, for one of the compliance deadlines, which wasn’t quite right.

So, they’ve straightened it out to January 2, 2029. This tweak means that the broiler chicken folks and the layer chicken folks are on the same page, date-wise. Everything else in the OLPS final rule is staying put as it was.